Apple APP – The making of « iFries »

It’s not French Fries – it’s made in Belgium « ifries » !

(with the help of the 2 Antoine’s)

Recently a client asked me to help him create a new App for iphones & ipads around the world.
Very simple photos of chips, sauce, salt, forks, paper & plates…

So on a cold winter night out went my client to buy the best fries in Brussels at place called « Chez Antoine »
(Thats the 1st Antoine). This place has cues of people munching chips everyday of the year.
Anyway the client (Not another Antoine) say’s he got to my studio without eating any, which is not an easy task and I don’t believe him for one minute!

I, Antoine N°2, then used my  Nikon D3 equiped with the magnificent 105 mm /2,8 lens and a soft box to shoot them from all different angles. And after eating a few more we shot the sauces, forks, plates & paper backgrounds. Here are a few examples:


After a light session in the post-production department the client went away happy  with the pictures on a usb key & a tummy full of the best chips in Brussels.

Everything was then sent to the « developer », who thankfully was not called Antoine and he started working in Xcode (Apple’s powerful integrated development environment for creating great apps) adding movement to the « objects » as he called them. Gravity and acceleration are not that easy to recreate on a touchscreen…
Lastly the menus & some more backgrounds were created in Photoshop, then sounds added.
Please go on one of these links and check out our work. Hope you like it.

just one thing…… »where’s the vinegar?! »  I hear you cry!! yes I know…maybe there will be a British version coming soon…