How Photographers REALLY Spend Their Time…!!

I love this chart but it should really be called:

‘How People THINK Photographers Spend Their Time’

Experience tells me that non-photographers, or amateur photographers often have an idyllic view
of the life of a professional photographer. It’s all jumping around with super models in crazy locations, unbelievable studios, very expensive cameras & rock star parties on massive boats!
It’s just not true!
The are loads of great perks to this profession & yes I do pinch myself everyday !
But this chart tells a different — and much much much more accurate story.

Actually I think EVERY  profession is like this !
Many jobs have ‘the aura’ : photographer, rockstar, astronaut or firefighter but all of them have a large amount of crap stuff that has to be done, dealt with, waded through, crap that can derail the essence of what you do.
You can make choices to do more or less of the crap stuff…But you can never avoid it – you have to deal with it.
and the only real way to do that is to choose to do something you love, because if you do, the crap will feel less abundant and less stinky!!

No, but we can all learn and that’s whats great!

Do you know how to load a roll of film?
Check a light meter?
Edit slides on a light table?
Scan film?
Color correct scans?
Track a photo inventory?
Submit photos to clients?
Make prints?
Pack a camera bag??
Set up lights?
Scout a location?
Know what light painting was?
Drive on the right side of the road?
Deal with everything in French or Dutch?
Clean a digital sensor?
Work in Photoshop, indesign or illustrator?
Create a workflow?
Edit a Portfolio?
Build a creative brief?
Create a composite image?
Work 10 days straight (with a hangover)?
Shoot and edit video?
Manage an equipment inventory?
Layout a book?
Write a magazine article?
Hang an art installation?
Survive in Brussels?
Write a blog post?

I most certainly didn’t !!

When I started working in photography as an assistant, I was blanker than a blank slate.
I like to think I still am. Many of these skills have become obsolete. Others did not even exist when I started.
Knowing how to do everything is not the goal.

Knowing that you can learn is everything !