Africa’s Sunshine Shoot

I’m Black & Pregnant !

Here are a few shots of a pregnancy in full swing. It’s such a beautiful event, but it’s not always easy to photograph.
More photos from this session are in my portfolio’s.

You know what they say, the devil is in the details. It’s often the little things that make the difference between an okay shoot and an amazing one. There are a million of these little details to think about on any shoot. Getting the temperature right in the studio, shooting at the right time of day for the mother, getting changes of clothes laid out & ready, having an assortiment of drinks & food at the ready, a changing cubicle, makeup & mirrors, relaxing area with toys for other kids and family etc etc
The more you can anticipate in advance, the smoother your shoot will go. And the more you’ll impress your clients.

I made it simple for this shoot : Nikon D3, ISO 200, RAW, 24-70 mm – 2.8, 1 x Visatec logos 800 flash with a 100 x 100 cm soft box – and a tonne of chocotoff chocolates!
There is one more difficulty….photographing afro amercian skin can often be a challenge.
Over or under exposure? incident or spot mesure? Different filters or not ?
There are many blogs and forums that will discuss this for hours on end.

The simplest thing to remember when photographing dark skin is that you are going to want to overexpose slightly.  I recommend setting your camera on manual exposure mode and try overexposing by two-thirds to maybe a full stop depending on how dark the skin of your subject is. Shoot in RAW which will give you all the possibilities in post production.